Your Digital Forensics Partner

Ever wonder who accessed your data, what someone did on your device or network, or if someone stole your company data? Alȳn Digital Forensic Services can provide the evidence you need to answer these questions and support critical business decisions.

Digital Forensics Services

Ensuring your data remains your data.

Digital Forensic

The collection and analysis of digital evidence to reconstruct a user’s activity in order to better understand what occurred on your devices or network.



Scientifically derived and proven methods of preservation, analysis, and documentation of digital evidence to support civil & criminal events.



The investigation of endpoint and network related incidents like a data breach, malware infection, or unauthorized access that can negatively impact your business.


What Devices Do We Support?

Our industry professionals can find what you’re looking for on an array of devices:

Windows & Android Support

We support all types of Windows & Android devices including desktops, laptops, smartphones and tablets.

Mac Support

Whether you’ve got an iMac, MacBook, iPhone or iPad, our team has the knowledge to ensure each device is properly analyzed.

Why Alȳn Forensics

Alȳn Forensics is equipped to deal with all your digital forensic needs, from recovering lost data to supporting you through advanced targeted/nation-state attacks. Our forensic analysts leverage the operational experience from our parent company, Alȳn, Inc., that specializes in cyber security operations. Alȳn, Inc. supports some of the largest federal agencies and organizations in the country, protecting their internal users, sensitive data and clients from sophisticated attacks and advanced adversaries.

Alȳn Supports The Following Industries

Large Federal Agencies




Small to Medium Businesses

Fortune 10 & 100 Companies